Pheno Extreme – HAV

Pheno Extreme – AMD HAV Hepatitis A Virus quantitative Detection Kit


Hepatitis A is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus. The virus is primarily spread when an uninfected (and unvaccinated) person ingests food or water that is contaminated with the faeces of an infected person. Hepatitis A (HAV) infections range from asymptomatic infections to fulminant hepatitis. The disease is closely associated with unsafe water or food, inadequate sanitation and poor personal hygiene.

Product Details:

Pheno Class – AMD  Hepatitis A (HAV) PCR Detection Kit

The assay is an in vitro PCR reaction assay for the quantitative determination of  Hepatitis A (HAV) RNA in food sample on Taqman detection method for Hepatitis A (HAV) virus with high sensitive one step RT-QPCR kit.

Quality: All Advanced Molecular Diagnostics kits manufactured under high quality standardization methods and unique precision and sensitive technology study compared by most of famous and approved diagnostic commercial  Hepatitis A (HAV) assays. 

Sensitivity: Advanced Molecular Diagnostics  Hepatitis A (HAV) kit is very sensitive kit reaches up to 81 copies “rxn volume 25ul” under our validation methods and devices.

Specificity: Advanced Molecular Diagnostics  Hepatitis A (HAV) kit is very specific up to 100% for  Hepatitis A (HAV) under our validation methods and devices.


Product name Technology Package Cat No
AMD  Hepatitis A (HAV) kit One step RT Real time PCR 100 reactions KD764567- 100

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