Covid-19: A pandemic, affecting the lives of millions within the past year has no signs of slowing
down. With lockdowns, tier systems and PPE in place to protect the public, Covid-19 has put the
world on hold.
There are currently almost 3000 cases of the Indian variant that have been recorded in the UK,
confirmed by the Health Secretary Matt Hancock. However, testing rates of the common flu virus are
going down. While Covid-19 is a flu virus, it has proven to be a stronger strain therefore the ultimate
restrictions have been necessary in many countries. Our PPE and social distancing guidelines have
held up as much as possible against Coronavirus, but has proven to be a reliable way to avoid the
common flu symptoms.
The Covid-19 vaccination has had a lot of controversy surrounding its way into the mainstream
vaccination news and social media. Cases such as blood clotting have been reported and have
caused a lot of panic for the public.
The Astra Zeneca vaccination has reportedly seen blood clots develop within young women in the
UK. Which has now reportedly been removed from the plans to use Astra Zeneca for all ages, to
reduce implications within younger women in the UK.
While people have raised concerns for the Covid-19 vaccination, flu virus vaccinations have had the
opposite effect in that more people are coming forward.
Flu cases in England are massively down, according to data from the Royal College of General
Viruses are always changing, and that can cause a new variant, or strain, of a virus to form.
Coronaviruses have all their genetic material in something called RNA (ribonucleic acid), which can
be tested within PCR detection kits to resemble whether the strain is within their testing samples.
In our current climate, time is of the essence, which is why our SARS-COV-2 Direct q-PCR Detection
Kit (CE) have guaranteed a 50% reduction in result speeds. This is quicker than our competitors,
allowing our customers to use/provide efficient results to eliminate any further spread, allow quicker
treatments and to reduce the overall stress in the medical field. While some of our kits test purely
for Covid-19, we also supply kits that will allow the appearance of other viruses such as swine flu to
be detected.
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