Welcome to AMD

Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Ltd is a global manufacturer of diagnostic devices, based in Nottingham, UK. We provide a full spectrum of solutions to meet specific molecular diagnostic requirements. Our product portfolio range includes PCR kits for infectious diseases, genetic mutations, and foodborne pathogens.
Additionally, we provide consumables such as PCR plasticware, filter tips, microbiology plastics and qPCR instruments.
We are a company with a large network of global customers- our combined product knowledge of over 20 years has allowed us to meet customer needs so we can maximise the level of satisfaction.
We pride ourselves on continuously developing and optimising our products, ensuring our customers are provided with high-quality data.
We are heavily invested in the production of new technology and the collaborative efforts of our dedicated Research and Development team enables us to create and distribute high quality products, including our renowned gene-specific qPCR kits.

Certification and Quality Assurance

To ensure the quality of all our products, they have all been thoroughly tested and have relevant certifications, including CE-IVD. We also guarantee products are identical from batch to batch through our ISO 13485  quality management system approved by UKAS.

Learn why is it worth it

SARS-CoV-2 Direct q-PCR Detection Kit (CE-IVD)

The virus won’t wait, so why should your patients?

Our new fast, innovative, and time-efficient system for the detection of COVID-19

  • Easy to use One step Real-Time PCR Technology
  • Compatible with most commonly used RT-PCR machines
  • Results in around one hour
  • Specificity of up to 99.4% and Sensitive down to 10 copies per reaction