Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Ltd is a global manufacturer of diagnostic supplies.

Based in Nottingham, UK. We provide a full spectrum of solutions to meet specific molecular diagnostic requirements. Our product portfolio range includes PCR kits for infectious diseases, mutation assays and foodborne pathogens.

Core Values: Tight knit company making unique diagnostics equipment with the aim to improve the simplicity of usage, manufacturing and testing by refining our methods within the labs.

Small teams taking on different tasks to ensure the fluent and consistent running of the company, creating a more personalised experience for customers by creating long lasting relationships and connections.

Not only do we provide for the UK but we also provide efficient, environmentally friendly shipping worldwide. With our small but ever-growing team, we will dedicate our services tailored to a customer’s needs no matter where they are based.

We are constantly generating new innovative ways to improve our products and introduce new services for our customers, with upcoming projects and training, allowing our colleagues to give you all the relevant knowledge needed to be a part of our journey.

Our development: Our company has grown significantly within the past year of selling our product. Since May 2020, many customers/suppliers have reached out to us for our innovative products. This has allowed us to grow our company and take the next steps to success. We are now aiming to reach out to you! Our customer service advisors are here to approach you with sufficient knowledge and guidance for you to make the right choice for you and your business.

The Benefits: The virus won’t wait, so why should your patients?

In our current climate, time is of the essence, which is why our SARS-COV-2 Direct q-PCR Detection Kit (CE) guarantees a 50% reduction in result speeds. This is quicker than (most) of our competitors, allowing our customers to use/provide efficient results to eliminate any further spread, allowing quicker treatments and reducing the overall stress in the medical field.

We have 4 different testing kits which not only allow the quicker detection of Covid-19, but also detect any other variants of the flu virus, such as Swine Flu. This gives our customers a specific diagnosis, rather than a test to rule out certain viruses, it also will give added information for further medical assistance. We are an MHRA accredited company. All of our products are CE-IVD certified to ensure quality. We also guarantee our products are identical from batch to batch through our ISO-13485 approved quality management system.

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