Human Hepatitis A (HAV) PCR Detection Kit

Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) PCR Kit


Human Hepatitis A (HAV) PCR Kit

Zena Max – Human Hepatitis A (HAV) PCR Kit CE-IVD 


Hepatitis A is a self-limited disease (caused by infection with hepatitis A virus (HAV)), which causes a significant amount of morbidity and socio-economic losses in many parts of the world. Spread of infection is generally person to person or by oral intake after faecal contamination of skin or mucous membranes; less commonly, there is faecal contamination of food or water. In young children the disease is often asymptomatic, whereas in older children and adults there may be a range of clinical manifestations from mild, anicteric infection to fulminant hepatic failure.

Acute HAV infection is clinically indistinguishable from other causes of acute viral hepatitis, which therefore illuminates the importance of a rapid diagnosis.

  • Easy to use One step Real-Time PCR Technology
  • Compatible with most commonly used RT-PCR machines
  • Specificity of up to 100% and Sensitive down to 10 copies per reaction

Product Details:

Human Hepatitis A (HAV) Kit 

The assay is an in vitro RT-qPCR detection kit for the qualitative determination of Hepatitis A (HAV) in human samples. It is based on the hydrolysis probe detection method and is a highly sensitive one step qPCR kit. Specimens may include serum and stool samples.


All Advanced Molecular Diagnostics products are manufactured in-house under the highest quality standards.


The Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Hepatitis E (HEV) RT-qPCR Detection Kit is highly sensitive and can detect a minimum of 10 copies per reaction as validated by our in-house methods.


The Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Hepatitis A (HAV) RT-qPCR Detection Kit is highly specific for HAV RNA as validated by our in-house methods.

Sample Collection:

The sample for AMD Hepatitis A (HAV) RT-qPCR detection Kit should be collected via human samples such as the CDC recommended specimen types, which are: serum and stool samples.


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Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Kit One step Real time PCR 100 reactions KD764241- 100

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