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BCR-ABL is a fusion gene abnormality found on chromosome 22 of leukemia cancer cells, which are the cause of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) and some other leukemias.

TThe BCR-ABL gene sequence is a change that occurs when pieces of chromosome 9 and chromosome 22 break off and switch places, causing the ABL1 region in chromosome 9 and the BCR region in chromosome 22 to fuse. This type of change is called a reciprocal translocation and the resulting chromosome 22 that has the BCR-ABL1 gene sequence, often abbreviated to t(9;22), is known as the Philadelphia chromosome, after where it was first discovered.

Product Details:

Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Human BCR-ABL PCR Kit

The assay is an in vitro PCR reaction assay for the quantitation determination of BCR-ABL1 and ABL1 transcript in total RNA from Whole Blood samples based on Taqman detection method for BCR-ABL with high sensitive two steps qPCR kit.

Quality: All AMD kits are manufactured under high quality standardization methods and unique precision and sensitive technology studies compared to the most famous and approved commercial Human BCR-ABL diagnostics.

Sensitivity: Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Human BCR-ABL kit is a very sensitive kit which reaches up to 0,01 % BCR/ABL positive cells per “rxn volume 25ul” under our validation methods and devices.

Specificity: Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Human BCR-ABL kit is very specific up to 100% for Human BCR-ABL under our validation methods and devices.


Product name Technology Package Cat No
AMD Human BCR-ABL  kit One step Real time PCR 100 reactions KD873977-100       

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